‘Zerg Rush’ – Google’s new Easter Egg Surprise

By | April 28, 2012

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Guess what Google’s upto this time? It’s the ‘Zerg Rush’ that users are googling frantically to see what gonna happen. This is Google’s brand new surprise for the Internet and this time, it turns out to be a little of a game for us users. ‘Zerg Rush’ trended late yesterday night and right now, it’s likely to be the most searched word on Internet this year.

Just Google ‘Zerg Rush’ and behold! You see a small army of ‘zergs’ in the form of the letters ‘o’ from the Google Logo ‘invade’ your search results. You can ‘kill’ them by just clicking on them and see them disappear. It’s identical to those prehistoric StarCraft games where you battle a huge army of space zergs trying to bring your spaceship down. While it’s another time-waster from Google, it’s real fun people!

You can see your score and APM and share them on Google Plus once the zergs combine to form the letters ‘GG’ on the search results screen. No matter how many zergs you take down, it’s only ‘a matter of zergs’ until the ‘GG’ shows up and you’ll not able to take down any more zergs. Click ‘Clear’ to return to the normal search results screen that you saw before the zerg invasion. Damn Freaky stuff huh?

This is better than the earlier ‘Let It Snow’ animation and ‘Anagram’ joke by Google and by the time you realize it’s a mere game, you’ll end up wanting more and therefore, you play again!

So, what’re you waiting for? Rush for the Zergs now!

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