Windows 8 to reign Tablets in 2012 – Acer and Lenovo shut down Android

By | January 3, 2012

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Tablets are getting hot these days with people of all age group willing to buy one for style and usage. Apple and Google hold the major share and their domination has made new comers sad. But all these were past news. Look what we have now.

Welcome, Mr. Windows 8..You got to fix many things here.

The new entrant “Windows 8” is all set to shatter the dreams of both Apple and Google. Adding to this, Acer and Lenovo have switched to Windows 8 , ditching Android. Dell has also confirmed their likeliness to Windows 8 and leaving out Android once for all. The Windows 8 Tablets from Acer and Lenovo will be available in mid 2012 and they will feature Intel’s Clover Trail processor.

We are sure that Windows 8 has all the capabilities to beat Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android . In the meantime Windows 8 Tablets have to be made cheaper to compete with their rivals.

In one way or other , Apple and Google are having a tough time ahead, with Microsoft regaining their standard both in mobile and tablet segments.

Windows 8 – Power it up…


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