Windows 8 Developer Preview – Microsoft Rocks once Again

By | September 17, 2011

Microsoft reimagines Windows in a new way and that brings out a new OS each time. Windows 7 was a great success to the software giant with users over millions and billions. We all liked the speed of the OS which is better compared to Windows XP or Vista. Now if such a OS is rebuild and made better for touch interface , what will everyone do ? ? Wait for more than days for the release , purchase it and will start loving the whole new OS. On behalf of everyone we proudly announce the release of Windows 8 Developer Preview (oops. we must have posted this a week before , anyway its not too late)

Within 24 hours of this software becoming live for download ,it got 5,00,000 downloads and Microsoft was really happy for the response from users all over the world .Even though this is just a developer preview , one can install it and see what Windows 8 offers. The Start Menu is the main plus for this OS. Microsoft also gives Visual Studio 2011 along with this , for the users to develop Metro Style apps. Believe or not , I upgraded my Windows 7 to this Developer preview and now everything goes well beyond expectations.

Download the developer preview by clicking on the link below

Minimum requirements for this upgrade are 1 GB RAM , 1 GHz processor or more and Direct X 9 or higher. IE 10 is also included in this download and this is also a developer preview software. Defending champion Windows is really marketing this product in a much better way and we hope that this hype makes Windows 8 release a bigger way .

All new features include:

  • Metro Style Start Menu
  •  All new IE 10 ( developer preview)
  •  New Control Panel Interface
  •  Multi Tasking got better
  •  Notifications that are well displayed
  •  All new Task Manager
  •  25 cool apps that is a big surprise from Microsoft
  •  Powerful upgrade for Win7

We believe that Microsoft will release Windows 8 in the mid 2012 and beta version somewhere around Jan 2012. The developer preview shows that Microsoft has changed its strategies over Tablets and Notebooks. Apple Mac OS can now be a good competitor but when this OS gets released then it can nowhere be a competitor . Things have changed now for the software giant , with Mango devices coming this fall and Developer Preview itself rocking the downloads for the past one week.

We would expect that over the next year or so, the engineers in Redmond will fine-tune the keyboard shortcuts, making them more intuitive and consistent. Ultimately, what we really want is for this to feel like a fluid experience, for the transition between the desktop and mobile UI to be a smooth one. Now that we know the learning curve is steeper than we imagined, and that those glossy live tiles anchor the user experience in a way the desktop used to, we are intensely curious about how Microsoft will tweak the OS between now and its ship date. We feel that Ballmer & Co have really worked hard for this OS and they will be really happy during its release.

Readers , download this Developer preview and there are lot of surprises in it . Once again Microsoft comes with a good deal that will make their rivals feel astonished.


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