Symbian Belle – Why can’t Nokia give it up?

By | October 25, 2011

It’s hardly a week since Android 4.0 -Ice Cream Sandwich debuted in the Galaxy Nexus and there’s much hype around it such that Motorola and Asus are gearing up for its introduction into their tablets and smartphones. And this time, upgrade to Android 4.0 has been made even easier than any other previous upgrade methods.

Largely, the iOS (more specifically, iOS 5) was regarded as a close competitor to Android (and again, Android 4.0) and Nokia‘s flagship mobile operating system, Symbianwas thrown out of competition, even in Europe where it had a significant market share. In India, where Nokia enjoyed a dominating presence, Symbian users are switching over to Android and iOS largely due to its instability and poor application integrity. Nokia, eventually, failed to close the gap between its rivals and failed miserably in marketing its smartphones.

 Nokia released the Symbian Anna
Renewing Symbian


On May, Nokia released the Symbian Anna as the ‘new face of Symbian smartphones‘ and as expected by many tech critics, it enjoyed a lukewarm response from its users. Users had problem with the hardware-software compatibility in their Nokia smartphones, which has been a legacy when it comes to Symbian’s drawbacks. Nokia has once again failed to fix issues with the hardware on which Symbian runs.

But, Nokia isn’t going to give up on Symbian!

Surprisingly, instead of ruling out a next update, Nokia has decided to introduce another ‘incremental’ update titled ‘Symbian Belle‘ for N8 at the end of this year. And, what’s more surprising is that, Nokia set to introduce its Windows Phone loaded smartphones tomorrow (October 26th) at Nokia World 2011. It’s clear that the Microsoft-Nokia deal has begun to bear fruit but why is Anna-Belle still around? Will Nokia announce that it will trash Symbian or will it release Belle just for those Symbian-addicts still out there? Will Windows Phone OS be declared as the new face of Nokia smartphones?

Let’s find out tomorrow!

P.S.: wishes all its readers a Happy Diwali!


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