Welcome to Python 3.2 LiveTUT Learning Series -Day 1

By | October 25, 2011

In this set of tutorials we will discuss complete overview and some in-depth Concepts of Python 3.2

What is Python?

Well Python is powerful Programming Language which has effective data structures and better approach to object-oriented programming. Python’s e syntax are simple and easy to understand together with its interpreted nature, make it an ideal language for scripting and rapid application development in many areas on most platforms. And of course it is Open source and free to share and use.

Python is a Language which is really different from C based language and every syntax of python was developed in such a way that it makes some sense while reading the code.

Ok enough theory!!! Let’s get started …..

Today we are going install Python 3.2.2 and IDE for Phython.
First and Foremost we need to download Python .. Click the below link or copy paste the URL listed below.
http://www.python.org/download It’s free and Opensource

It will look like

Download Python 3.2.2

Just scroll and your Desired version of Python in my case I use Windows 7 so I selected Python 3.2.2 Windows Installer

Once you downloaded install it and then Download the PyScripter IDE for your working environment  from


Download Pyscripter for freeI strongly recommend you to download and install Python 3.2.X first and the Pyscripter because it will automatically configure the Python 3.2 make our work simpler and one more thing needed once you downloaded and installed you need to configure your workspace accordingly For that just Open pyscripter then goto –>Tools–>Options–>IDE Option and uncheck Complete as you type Option.See for Better Workspace

This is made because some times it will suggest some keyword which indeed doesn't require at that the time.

Congratulation you have made it. At last check we need to check Our IDE installed properly or not.

For source code click the link below


Stay tuned and learn more in next Day!!!