Watch the Lunar Eclipse [ LIVE ] in your computer

By | December 10, 2011

The world will witness the “Total Lunar Eclipse ” today (December 10 2011) and millions around the globe will be peeking outside ,to watch this grand occasion. One question,

Will it affect your eyes ? May be , the answer is  yes.

Why not , sit in front of your computer and watch this eclipse.

People in North America will miss this event while those in Asia and eastern part of Europe are the luckiest to watch this spectacular event. Guys out there ( North America and other parts of the globe missing this event)and some people who are very cautious not to go outside , can watch this in your computer. “SLOOH”, the online space camera will catch this event live and stream in their official website. Lunar eclipse will start at 18.30 PM IST (4.45 AM BST) and will continue for 3 hrs.

slooh eclipse

On the lunar eclipse, NASA reports that,

  “the delicate layer of dusty air surrounding our planet reddens and redirects the light of the sun, filling the dark behind Earth with a sunset-red glow. The exact hue (anything from bright orange to blood red is possible) depends on the unpredictable state of the atmosphere at the time of the eclipse

Watch the Lunar eclipse live here. People in “SLOOH” are streaming this event LIVE using some remote facilities in Hawaii, Asia, and Australia. Don’t forget to watch this event. Download the app in your mobile and watch it through your phone.

Lunar eclipse – It’s creepy out there in the atmosphere…

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