Microsoft’s TellMe vs Apple’s Siri

By | December 8, 2011

Much has been said about the Windows Phone vs iOS battle but there’s much more than that…’s the RELIABILITY of the features that count far more than the NUMBER of features in them. Oh, did I mention ‘reliability’? Well, both Microsoft and Apple have entertained users with their reliable products but there’s something that both had missed out when it comes to Voice Recognition.


Microsoft’s TellMe – it’s flagship Voice Recognition software that comes with Windows Phone OS has some performance potholes, which is clear from the video from the link below. TellMe wrongly comprehends user’s commands leading to ambiguity and user’s disappointment. But that’s not the case with Siri- your command, my work!

Apple’s Siri – that comes pre-loaded from iPhone 4S, had issues with voice commands relating to ‘abortion’ which has now sparked a raging debate on ‘Reproductive Rights’ both online and offline. It could find you the nearest hotel, dentist or plan a event or set a birthday alarm for you. But, that’s not all. Siri correctly identified when users voiced words like ‘pregnancy’ or even ‘Viagra’, but couldn’t find any abortion clinics or any other places relating to the word ‘abortion’. While Apple has come out strong in defence of Siri, ACLU has violently opposed Siri and vows to ‘set it right’.

Apple's Siri

Read it’s petition right here .

It’s now a do or die for both Apple and Microsoft in order to save their respective voice recognition softwares from user negligence (and public outrage) and we can expect a positive update from them.

One thought on “Microsoft’s TellMe vs Apple’s Siri

  1. Robin

    SIRI is a new born intelligent kid where it really at its best at present. Apple clearly says that it takes some more time to see some improved Beta version that works perfectly as a virtual assistant.

    There is no close virtual assistant till date born to match SIRI’s current intelligent way of answering and doing tasks.

    May be in future we can see some best alternatives.


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