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By | December 31, 2011

Add JavaScript, PHP inside WordPress article

If you want to insert PHP or JavaScript into your blog, then this plugin will be helpful for you.
Hana Code Insert allows WordPress user to insert any complicated HTML and JAVASCRIPT code or even custom PHP output in your WordPress article. Download the plugin right from here.

Follow the steps:

Step1: After downloading and activation of the plugin.

Step2: Go to Settings then select hana code insert.

Step3: Create a new entry name.

Step4: Write the code which you wanted to be displayed in your article post.

Step5: to display the code in your post open {{, then entry name, then}} close code.

Eg: New Entry Name: samplecode

Insert to your article {{samplecode}}

To add the Hana code into your template file use this following code

[hana-code-insert name=’Lineads’ /]

[code]< ?php echo do_shortcode(‘[hana-code-insert name=’entryname’ /] ‘);

[youtube][/youtube][hana-code-insert name=’Lineads’ /]

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