Ra-One movie releases “G-One” 7inch Tablet for $170

By | October 18, 2011

Ra-One , the upcoming Bollywood super hero movie is most eagerly awaiting movie of the year. Shah Rukh Khan known for marketing his movie or team in a more grand manner has jumped into the idea of releasing a Tablet named ” G-One Tablet” for $170.  It is a movie branded Tablet PC.

The specifications of this Tablet is quite good

* 7″ Touch Screen LCD ( might be resistive)

* 800MHz Processor

* Android; 2.2 OS

* 3G, Built in Wi-Fi

*  1.3 MP Camera

* 32 GB expandable memory

His home production along with Indiagames has released an action game for Android and iOS named ” Ra-One , the Genesis”. The production house is busy in promoting the movie in a more different manner compared to other Bollywood movies since this movie is a super hero one.

This game was the most downloaded app in Apple iStore and the movie is the biggest high budget film in India.

Buy this Tablet if you become a G-One fan after watching this movie..


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