Questions & Answers

What is

It is a micro savings account for cryptocurrency collected from playing mobile games.

“And also”

You might be wondering is this a blogging website.Yes,it’s a blogging site with wide range of categories and also a site which stores cryptocurrency from our games.

Can you get bitcoin from this site?

Yes, you can get Bitcoin from this site.All the bitcoins earned are shown in value of Satoshi.

That means you will need 1 Satoshi to make 1 uBTC.

we all so support other currencies to litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Primecoin and Dashcoin etc.

How can you get some Bitcoins/uBTC from

The uBTC are given to users for performing different actions on this site.For example

1. For writing an article the user gets 500 to 10000 uBTC.
To write an article the user need author rights.If interested contact
2.For sharing the post or page to social media networks the user gets few uBTC.

  • Facebook Shares,Facebook Like,Google +1 and Tweet the user gets 0.10 uBTC.
  • Stumbleupon the user gets 0.5 uBTC.

3. 0.01 uBTC is given to you for every visitor from your social media networks referral events.
4.For Facebook unlike the user gets -2.00 uBTC.
5.Subscribe to you newsletters and get 1.00 uBTC.

How can the Bitcoin/uBTC collected in this website be transferred to my wallet address?

The uBTC collected by different actives can be Withdrawn by sending a request.

Now Bitcoin ,litecoin,dashcoin payments are made once in 15 days directly to your wallet address.

The payout address must be valid address of its type.If invalid address you might lose the payment amount.

Example:Bitcoin payout address must be a valid bitcoin address and other addresses must be valid for its type.

Note: we do not use anymore. is offline right now we are looking alternative ways to send funds.

How can the Bitcoins/uBTC collected in this website OR games be spent?

The Bitcoins/uBTC collected by different actives can be spent buy purchasing item in our store.

The item in the store are shown in USD just for clarification.The payment can be processed using any of the following payment gateways.

Paypal(USD Payment), payment) and your wallet balance.

What is my referral id?

Just add ?mref= to any link ending at



Where to check the history of the Bitcoins/uBTC i received?

You can check it at url


If any user tries to fake or crack our system is detected all the cryptocurrency collected will all be blocked till further explanation.

The Bitcoins/uBTC found on this site are just points exchanged with the value of Bitcoins.