Microsoft to release Office 2015 (beta) next year

By | November 26, 2011

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Microsoft is planning to release the beta version of Office 2015 , the most popular Office suite from Microsoft , next year. Enjoying a huge response for Office 2010 , Microsoft’s business geared up in software market this year. Winrumors quoted in their site as , Office 15 beta will be first demonstrated at CES 2012 and the release of beta will hit the internet in mid 2012.

It is also expected that Office 2015 will have a metro style  interface and will have integration with Windows 8. The suite is being developed in idea of using it both in PC and Tablet. Also a new Outlook mail will be released and it will look more better and clean than its previous versions.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reported this in September that,

 “You ought to expect that we are rethinking and working hard on what it would mean to do Office Metro style” 

With high expectations on Windows 8 , Office 15 will also gear up the software market for Microsoft once again , making them the No.1 Software maker.

Who knows what’s Microsoft plan next to Office 15??

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