List of Smartphones to get Android 4.0 (ICS) update

By | November 26, 2011

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is the new version of Android OS. We have a list of Android smartphones that will be receiving the ICS update soon. It is to be noted that Galaxy Nexus was the first smartphone to come with Android 4.0 OS.

Android lovers check the list and make sure your smartphone comes under the list:


HTC Sensation XE  2011

  • Sensation XE , XL and OG (also for 4G)
  • Amaze (4G)
  • Evo 3D and Design 4G
  • Vivid
  • Rezound


 nexus s mobile phone 2011

  • Galaxy Nexus*
  • Nexus S
  • Galaxy S II

Sony Ericsson

"xperia play 4G"


LG optimus 2x

  • Optimus 2X
  • Optimus Black
  • Optimus 3D
  • Optimus LTE


Moto Droid Razr

  • Droid RAZR
  • Droid Bionic

(* already in the market with Android 4.0)

The list is small but Android 4.0 will be available to all handsets that will support high end configuration. Stay tuned for more updates for Android ICS update. We hope Google will not let down all the other Android users . The above smartphones will receive the update next month or Jan 2012.

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