Internet Doomsday – Prepare Yourself

By | May 5, 2012

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Come July 9, millions of Internet users round the globe may lose Internet connection if they don’t act soon to remove a rogue malware present in their computer – the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has revealed a couple of days ago. There you go, another Doomsday to countdown to!

The Plan – Hackers will use the malware that had landed on user’s computer long back when they had clicked on some rogue ads targeted on them, to either direct them to unauthorized and unlisted DNS servers of their own or shut down their Internet activity temporarily – or maybe permanently. It’s a conspiracy in which you computer’s DNS settings will be changed so as to lead to a harmful DNS server – operated by these hackers, which may translate addresses to malicious websites and thereby infecting your computer and taking it down.

The FBI had somehow sniffed on this crooked plan and has warned users by posting about this on their website and ways on how to avoid this attack. On November 2011, after a two year long operation, the FBI busted several Estonian criminals and also brought down a company operating in Tartu in an Operation codenamed ‘Ghost Click’. It was revealed that this group of cyber thugs was the mastermind of the malware attacks.

Though about 4 million ‘botnets’ were taken down by the FBI, it seems that more than half of the Fortune 500 companies are affected by this malware, a security firm has reported. The FB has reportedly replaced all these servers with theirs, thereby creating a safety net.

The worst thing is – users never knew they were infected by this malware until the original attack. The more legitimate they are, the nastier the scenario gets. This ‘DNSChanger Malware’ is not so disastrous as it sounds – it can removed easily by following the FBI’s instructions., run by the FBI, checks your PC for infections and if infected, lists out useful steps for quarantining or removal of the malware. If the DNS Resolution is ‘Green’, then you’re good to go and if it’s ‘Red’ – don’t freak out, instructions will be given to follow for you. Now, don’t sit there cursing the malware, act now!

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