How To Make a Portable USB charger for your Mobile/iPod in a min?

By | July 31, 2011

Assume that you are in the middle of nowhere, where there is no electricity and it is a mid-night! First you’ll be scared and weird! Second you’ll search for your mobile phone for a torch or to hear songs!:)or to make a call, but unfortunately there is no battery in it. Well that’s insane! Here is the solution for it “Make a portable USB charger for your Mobile/iPod in a min” which makes you to tackle that situation.

Let’s see how you are going to manage such situation,

This may be techy! But it’s so easy that a layman can figure it out own.

Step1: Buy the following components:

1) 5V constant voltage regulator IC

2) USB socket

3) 9V Battery socket

4) Mobile with a USB cable

5) 9v battery normal or rechargeable

6) Solder paste and lead

Make sure you have all the above mentioned components in-front of you.


Step2: Soldering

Solder Voltage regulator IC and USB socket with 9v Battery socket

Step3: Connect everything

Connect battery socket to the battery and one end of USB cable to USB socket and other end to mobile

You are done! You’ll be wondered to see your mobile getting charged. Once you make it you can use it anywhere especially in the ‘middle of nowhere 🙂 Exalt yourself. Cheers!

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