How To Check whether someone stolen your content

By | July 26, 2011

Internet growth did not only increase access of information but also increased digital theft. When you meandigital theft what do’s it point too .Loss of access, fake website, images, articles even some stealers are ready to take control for your computer usage.

A question discussed once?

I am a blogger, I do right some nice appealing content. Since internet is a gigantic inhabitation and my blog is a small speck how do I find who stole my content. This question was put in front of me.

Here you got the answer.

Dmca website provides two free scans per day for unregistered users which help you to find whether someone stole your content.

1. Open a new tab then enter this URL or click here.

2. You can see scan button with a text box.

3. Enter your website URL or blog URL.

4. Then you can see the site which has the same content.

5. Dmca allows you to filing a case asking then to remove your content.

6.For starting a case create a login. 

Watch the video for more help:

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