How to share internet connection with Windows 7

By | February 2, 2012

It has always been a problem for friends who have two or more laptops but just one Data Card or an internet connection enabled LAN. Now, it’s time to thank Windows 7 which has an hidden feature to share internet connection via WiFi service. Checkout the video below to a hands-on demonstration of “How to enable Internet Sharing in Windows 7”.

PN: It is mandatory that you should have a single internet connection enabled PC, you don’t get internet connection from magic !…


Steps to be followed in an Internet connection enabled PC:

  1. Make sure that the internet connection is enabled.
  2. Click on network and sharing center and open it up.
  3. Select “Setup a new connection or Network”.
  4. Click on “Setup a wireless Ad HOC (computer to computer) Network”.
  5. Tap on next.
  6. Give a Name to the connection., Make it fancy or the way you wish.
  7. Let the security type be WPA2-Personal
  8. Give it a security key., which would be the password for this internet sharing.
  9. Make sure that you save this network.
  10.  Now the new connection has been setup and it’ll show you an option to click on “Turn on Internet Sharing”.
  11. That’s it with your computer which has internet.
Steps to be followed in an Internet Hungry PC:
  1. Enable your WiFi connection and search for networks.
  2. Click on the Network name which you have given in the prior computer.
  3. Enter the Password which was given prior.
  4. Let the system work on its own and configure the connection., within 30-40 seconds you’ll be up with your internet connect.
  5. To ensure that you have internet connection visit,
  6. Have fun !…

Please Note: This service is currently available only on Windows 7…

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  1. Balakrishnan P

    OMG! It is one of the phenomenal Feature of Windows I feel. Guys lets Utilize it. Sathya Article is good and keep on do it…


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