How To Make Google Stop Tracking you.

By | July 27, 2011



Almost in this world you can say that Google is tracking every one. How can you say that off Couse not only I even you too? How to they hunt us?

Do they use fishing nets, arrows, gun’s really not they us the most power full weapon code. Have you seen the movie Inception where Leonardo DiCaprio tries to change the thoughts of other people, but here Google is trying to find what we are thinking soon they are having planes to scan human DNA too.(ABOUT IT NEXT POST)

Google provide a service for web developer to monitor there traffic .The service is called as Google analytic, which allow user to add code for monitoring their website. Now we are in a state with no option to miss there code because it is found in almost every site. With lot of buzz Google launched a plugin which allow users from not being tracked.

The “Google Analytics Google Analytics ” stop’s the execution script, so the tracking code found in most of the websites will not work.

For Downloading Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on click here


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