How to: Increase your Internet speed in 10 seconds

By | October 21, 2011

You have a laptop with a good internet connection. Your connectivity speed may be 1 – 3 Mbps but still you will feel that internet or download speed is low . All you need is to know this first . Your Windows OS (XP , Vista , 7 and 8) has an allocated speed of 20 to 50 % from your Internet connection for Windows Update and other services.

This 20% will look smaller but this will affect the internet speed of your PC or laptop . To disable or delete the allocated speed  we have a good old technique. For this follow the steps listed below. Also , deleting or removing this allocation will not affect Windows Update or other services connected to it.

Following methods are applicable for Windows OS only.

Method I

1. Open the Start Menu and type as system.ini ( for Windows 7 and 8 users). If you have XP then search system.ini in your Search option.

2. In the notepad that gets opened type the following at the end

 page buffer=10000000Tbps

3. Save the System.ini file and restart the computer.

4. You will notice a change in your Internet Speed.


Method II ( Alternate method )

1. Open the Start Menu and select Run option

2.  In the Run command , type gpedit.msc

3. Local Group Policy Editor will be opened and now select Administrative Templates in Computer Configuration list .

4. Now select Network option and then click  Qos Packet Scheduler

5. Double click on  limit reservable bandwidth 

6.If disabled or not configured leave as it is . If Enabled , put the value for Bandwidth limit as 0

7. Apply the changes and restart the PC

8. Feel the difference of your Internet Speed



* Method II is most widely used as it is very effective

* Changes made in the above options will not affect your Windows Operation.

* Guarantee for change in Internet Speed cannot be given . However the method  will make some improvements in Internet Speed.


Watch the video below (Method II is shot in the video)


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