How to Get the WordPress Short URL

By | March 3, 2012

WordPress lanunched shot Url for WordPress sites with the domain shot url stay on the header of the theme when you observe the source of the page.This function will help you to display it on your theme.

In WordPress site source page

 < link rel='shortlink' href='<a href="">' /> 

This is not see to the read as long the function is called the theme.

< ?php if (function_exists('wp_get_shortlink')) {
echo wp_get_shortlink(get_the_ID());

Other Plugins which are available in WordPress

There is an another way to create short URL with plugin.It allow you to create shot URL with your domain name.

1.Short URL

Instead of having a short link like your short link will be

Get the Plugin Here

2.Pretty Link

It is an another WordPress plugin which allows to track the hit count of the shortened URL’S,where each hit came from,the browser used,OS and host.It also allow to use your own domain name to shorten the url’s.

Get the Plugin Here

3. WP-Chunk
This is another interesting WordPress plugin which create short URL but they create it for comments field.The post URL are not shortened only the comment which share URL are shorted.Shorten the URL’s present in the comments field so that you do not have problem when editing the comments or your blog will look just tidy with all the short URLs.

Get the Plugin Here

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    1. venkat

      Yes, Google will understand if the source link is present in the page header with rel=’shortlink’ tag


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