How To Create Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel 2010.

By | November 1, 2013

Many office user don’t know the use of pivot tables, it is one of the most power full feature in Microsoft Excel. This post-Show how to use Pivot table in your excel sheet.

Pivot button is found under the insert tab of the excel 2010 & also found in 2007, 2003 versions.
Here I have an excel sheet of my financial transaction, If you need an excel sheet with data to create a pivot download here.


It is a reporting tool that sorts, sums and filters independently of the original spread sheet. Which gives you may possible way of results.

If you are a person who work’s no excel sheet, MS SQL, MY SQL and other database .It is a must know tool.


How to create a pivot table?

Step 1:

If you have downloaded the spread sheet use that or create your own spread sheet.

Step 2:

Press ctrl +A to select all the data in the excel sheet.

Step 3:

Then select the insert tab in the ribbon.

Step 4:

The pivot icon is found at the left side, click new table.

Step 5:

The range of the cell and column are selected. By default the new worksheet might be selected.

Step 6:

Click ok with new work sheet selected,

Step 7:

The pivot table might be created in a new worksheet2.

Step 8:

In that new work sheet you can see Pivot Table Field List on the right side.

Step 9:

Select the column from the pivot table’s row Field.

(Most of might use the names for the pivot field)

Step 10

Place the rest of the columns in the values, since they have numbers which need to be summed.

Step 11:

Click and select the value setting and then select the field sum.


Then click ok you created a wonderful pivot table.


Watch the video:

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