How to Create Custom New Font in Windows

By | August 8, 2011

Windows  allows  users to  Create there own custom New font  using  PRIVATE CHARACTER  EDITOR.

PRIVATE CHARACTER  EDITOR  is one of the application found default  in  every windows  operating system . It allows user to create their own font and it also used to edit the existing font  available in windows .

Following steps

Step 1 :

Click START button

Step 2:

Open RUN (ctrl + R)

Step 3:

Type  eudcedit command  in RUN box And press ENTER  you will see PRIVATE CHARACTER  EDITOR  Box.

Step 4:

Select the code that u need and start DRAW the that u need use File->Font Link  to link to decried font

Step 5 :

Start enjoying  with your own font in windows.

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