How To: Compress Websites Images to get Faster Page Speed

By | November 21, 2011


In web development the success of your websites are determined by speed and UI, how fast it loads. The design, color, information play’s thePage Speed in Google Speed Test second role because there are thousands of website having the same or better information and better traffic.

This noticeably show why most of the students are using instead of (at low band width countries).

The Google page speed test show the speed for Hotmail is 92 & Gmail 99.

Now when images are getting bigger and bigger in size compression play’s an important role.

Here are the Recommended Formats       

For 16*16px icons use gif format

For other icons use PNG format

For other photographic images use jpg format (even if the size is large)

Try to avoid  resizing the image in css

Do not adding css files into the body

Even if the following stands are maintained compassion is still possible


Google has suggested a new tool named pngoutwin which helps to reduce the file size more the 50% present form the original image without loss of quality.

Data tested by the tool show:

11.7KB PNG image drops to 5.2KB PNG image

Uncompressed Image   compressed image

Now check the Optimized images using Google page speed


Checked the Tested Video: 


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