How to Change 24hr Clock to 12hr or Vice Versa in Windows 7

By | August 5, 2011

Are any of windows-7 users struggling to change your clock from 24hr to 12hr or vice versa? Are you trying to change it in Date and Time option? It’s not there, I will show you.

Follow this….

Open Region and language in Control panel.

Under Formats, Change Short Time and Long Time.

If you set that to Small lettered “tt hh:mm” in Short Time and “tt hh:mm:ss” or “tt h:mm:ss”  in Long Time , the clock will set to 12hr Time Format.



If you set that to Capital lettered “HH:mm” or “H:mm” in Short Time and “ HH:mm:ss” or “H:mm:ss” in Long Time , the clock will set to 24hr Time Format.


Check this  video for more.

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