Google working on Metro version of Chrome for Windows 8

By | March 13, 2012

Microsoft will notice the release of Windows 8 very soon and it all looks cool with Metro Style apps and Xbox integration. With the heat rising up even before its  (Windows 8) release , software makers are busy creating Metro apps for Windows 8. Reports claim that Google will be releasing a metro version of their browser  “Chrome” after the release of Windows 8.

Firefox will be lining up the new metro versions of their browser soon after the OS release. In Windows 8 , there is a disintegration between normal apps and Metro apps. Metro apps are mainly designed to feel the Tablet experience as Windows 8 is mainly built for Tablets more than for PC.

chrome metro

We will keep you updated regarding the release of Windows 8 and metro apps for the same. In the meantime ,try the Windows 8 beta and feel the experience of “Windows re-imagined”.

Download the beta here.


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