GOOGLE BODY – 3D View of Human Body Parts

By | November 18, 2013

Google Body is a web application. That shows 3D anatomical models of human body. It was launched on December 15, 2010. Now they are also added Google Cow.

It is a Hi-Tech 3D application, by which you can navigate through different parts of human body using mouse and scroll in. You can explore the human body in same way that you can navigate the world in Google Earth.

There are also two side bars for easy navigation. In left side bar we can select different layers and In Right side bar we can view different parts name just click on it to see 3D view of that part.

Just click here. Enjoy Google Body.

Left Side Bar                                                    Right Side Bar

The imagery models are based on the data from Zygote Media Group.

To display 3D image inside the browser they are using WebGL technology. For this, the users don’t want to install any other external plug-ins.

Google Cow:

Check this  video for more.

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