Eight Reasons to Love Windows 8

By | October 22, 2011

Microsoft have recently released the Developer Preview of Windows 8, the most fascinating features of Windows 8 are shown in this post.

1.Booting Speed

Windows 8 can Boot just as fast as or faster than Windows Phone 7 and Macbook Air. The booting speed is just 8 Seconds (tested in my notebook may vary on others).


2.Customized Lock Screen

After booting a lock screen appears which shows email notifications, battery level, network status. The image can be changed by using Lock Screen option in Control Panel.


3.Brand New Start Window

This is the most known feature of Windows 8. This is the platform where you can access all the existing and installed applications. The existing applications runs in full screen, you can press windows key to come out of the app.


4.Ribbon Interface for the Explorer

Microsoft office is famous for the ribbon interface and it was one of the most hit interface. This interface was introduced to Explorer in Windows 8.


5.Informative Task Manager

Task manager in Windows 8 is more advantageous than in the previous versions coz under a single window you can access Process, Performance, App History, Startup, Users, Details, Services each tab will give you the enormous statistical data.

em style=”direction: ltr;”>6.Statistical, Multi Copy Window

The data copy option in Windows 8 was redesigned with a graphical statistics which shows the copying speed in a scale. If more than one copy process happens they are grouped under a single window.


7. Search and Network Windows

New search window categorizes the search into 3 they are apps, settings, files which is easy for us to shortlist and find the required item. Network connections windows has some added features like reduce data usage, estimated data usage.



This is the most fascinating feature of Windows 8. If  your using XP mode, Virtual Box or other softwares to run another operating system just say good bye to all of them. What is Hyper-V? Hyper-V is new feature in Windows 8 through which you can virtually mount a operating system. Simply it is used like Virtual Box but no virtual box is needed! A post on How to use Hyper-V will be releases soon with a video.


Few Disadvantages

1) Personally I don’t like Green color Back Ground for Start Window but you can change it, I will show you how to change it in future posts

2) Sometimes it takes more time for a restart

3) For ending the app opened we need to access task manager i.e there is no exit button for all existing apps

4) Shut down is not directly accessible. Well if start using Windows8 you din’t search for a Shut Down Button!

We welcome your comments on both advantages and disadvantages of Windows8 and sharing is wealth do share it

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