Cryptload helps Free users to download @ Premium speed

By | September 15, 2011

Downloading files from file hosting servers such as rapidshare, hotfiles, fileserver, etc. Has always been time consumption and hard process for free users, now Cryptload download manager allows free user to download at premium speeds.

Why is Cryptload Better then other download manager?

File hosting servers such as rapidshare,hotfiles,fileserver,megavideo do not support download manger for free user.But Crytload process Decryption for the links of such file servers and add’s them to  your download manager.


The main feature you might love is it automatically realigns your IP address after every file you have downloaded.

It automatically detects captures for every download page and auto fills those captures.

CryptLoad Features


  • Downloading from One-Click-Hosters
  • Decrypt Services
  • Many plug-ins
  • Intelligent download management
  • Parallel downloads
  • Part downloading
  • automatic router-reconnect


  • Files are ordered in packages
  • Supporting CCF, DLC and RSDF container files
  • Captcha recgonition
  • Integrated Update-System
  • Clipboard monitoring for fast link adding
  • Possibility to shutdown the computer after downloads are finished
  • Automatic extraction of downloaded archives



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