Create Twitter Follow Button on a webpage using WebMatrix

By | February 16, 2012

 Prerequisites: Microsoft WebMatrix

Twitter.Helper 1.0

WebMatrix allow you to easily integrate the respective applications into ASP.NET MVC Razor based websites. Helpers are basically ready pieces of code that allow you to reuse the code in your pages with only a few lines of code from your side

Twitter helper for WebMatrix allows you to integrate Twitter social Plugins. You can quickly integrate features such as Tweet button, Twitter profile and Follow Me button.

Step to Use Twitter.Helper on WebMatrix

Step1: Installing Twitter Helpers in a WebMatrix Site

Step2: Create a new Site > Site from Template.

Step3: Select a starter Site Template.

Step4: Open the ASP.NET webpage Administration.

Step5: Create a password; Rename the _Password.config file to password file Password.config.

Step6: Download the Twitter.Helper 1.0.

Step7: Add the code to any one of the page.


Please see the following screencast for details:


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