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By | January 5, 2012

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“Cloud Computing” as words says Clouds are the collection of small packets of information and computing is simple computing!!. It is the most powerful technology for information world with its huge concept. Technically it works with three layers:-

  • Application.
  • Plate-form.
  • Interface.

Application layer is used for accessing the information or Data, Plateform means a place where it can run and third layer (Interface) works for Size and power. This is the Internal status of Cloud computing.
cloud computing characters

Now let us talk about External view of clouds and cloud computing, It is a Hosting in which we save our data in cloud packets in enviornment by using cloud hosting.
Cloud hosting have an importent application for accessing the data.
Benefit with Example:– Let us take an example of Website, if this website will access through general hosting then there will be a slow speed after a fixed distance but in cloud hosting there will be no problem in assessment with distance or time because there may be many clouds with same data. By using nearest cloud it can access, so cloud computing is Fast & scatible .

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