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How To Get YouTube Thumbnail Images

YouTube thumbnails can be fetched using YouTube’s Video API. YouTube API responses may contain multiple thumbnail images for a video, each of which is identified by a <media:thumbnail> tag. In order to view or download the thumbnail from a YouTube video. Change the following video id in the URL to fetch the image The video… Read More »

How to Get the WordPress Short URL

WordPress lanunched shot Url for WordPress sites with the domain shot url stay on the header of the theme when you observe the source of the page.This function will help you to display it on your theme. In WordPress site source page < link rel=’shortlink’ href='<a href="">′ /> This is not see to the… Read More »

Social Media Plugin Scrolling Twitter Like Google+1 Linkedin and Stumbleupon Plugin

There are lots of plugin’s for WordPress social media but i found one cool plugin which look’s different called  “Scrolling Twitter Like Google+1 Linkedin and Stumbleupon Plugin“. I am blogging about this plugin because when i added it to my weblog i found they provided a good help support . There are lots of floating social media plugin’s but most of them look the same since  if… Read More »