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How To:Add Facebook Like & Google Plus +1 Button to WordPress Post without Plugin

Advantages of Facebook Like Button Facebook is the world most visited social networking site & it almost holds the worlds population.Every one from class 5 to Grandparent now has an account in Facebook.Most people stay connected 24*7 using their mobiles devices.Each user has news feeds where they see updates from friends.This news Feed shows their like and comments to… Read More »

How To: Compress Websites Images to get Faster Page Speed

  In web development the success of your websites are determined by speed and UI, how fast it loads. The design, color, information play’s the second role because there are thousands of website having the same or better information and better traffic. This noticeably show why most of the students are using instead of… Read More »

How To:Revert Back to old Gmail

Google has changed the appearances of Gmail and there were multiple reactions from people all around the globe . If you are one among the people who dislike the new Gmail , you can revert back to the old appearance style. We have a simple step but i assure you, a  majority of people out there ,… Read More »

How to: Re-enable the Task Manager when disabled by a Virus

Viruses are the most dreadful things that we don’t like coming into our computer. They perform various operations that make us feel annoyed and disturbed. When a virus is found in a computer ,the Antivirus cleans it .But sometimes Antivirus programs will not respond to viruses. As soon as we react to get rid of this problem , the virus would… Read More »