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How To:Add Facebook Like & Google Plus +1 Button to WordPress Post without Plugin

Advantages of Facebook Like Button Facebook is the world most visited social networking site & it almost holds the worlds population.Every one from class 5 to Grandparent now has an account in Facebook.Most people stay connected 24*7 using their mobiles devices.Each user has news feeds where they see updates from friends.This news Feed shows their like and comments to… Read More »

Do you hate the new Facebook changes?

Facebook , the world’s No.1 social networking site has 800 million users across the globe. Users ranging from Kids to Grannies have a Facebook account. As Facebook became a huge success , Google once again tried  to get back into the race. It launched its new social networking site Google Plus (they use as +You). Invites… Read More »

Create Facebook Like on a Webpage using Webmatrix

Prerequisites: Microsoft WebMatrix WebMatrix is a free web-dev tool from microsoft which supports not just, but even php.The speciality of webmatrix is that it’s light weight and if you are looking to create more powerful web application, then you can instantly do that with visual studio. The biggbest plus point that webmatrix has is the support for… Read More »