How To:Display a Random header image in WordPress

Many blog have different header image which keep on changing from page to page, which give the site a rich look. Here’s a simple random function which displays different header images on your WordPress site. To achieve this php rand () function is used, which allows us to get a random number between 1 and… Read More »

Google Images Swirl – New Image Search Engine, Cluster of Search

Google Image Swirl is innovative and advance Image Search Engine by Google, Launched on November 17, 2009 on Google Labs. It shows cluster of image (group of related image). Google Image Swirl combines the features of variety of images such as colour, texture, local features, face signatures and metadata additionally about the image to build… Read More »

GOOGLE BODY – 3D View of Human Body Parts

Google Body is a web application. That shows 3D anatomical models of human body. It was launched on December 15, 2010. Now they are also added Google Cow. It is a Hi-Tech 3D application, by which you can navigate through different parts of human body using mouse and scroll in. You can explore the human body in same… Read More »

How To Create Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Many office user don’t know the use of pivot tables, it is one of the most power full feature in Microsoft Excel. This post-Show how to use Pivot table in your excel sheet. Pivot button is found under the insert tab of the excel 2010 & also found in 2007, 2003 versions. Here I have… Read More »

How to: disable search engine indexing on a single post/page

Every WordPress blogger loves Search indexing But there might be some pages or post which should not be indexed.By adding this code you can just stop search engine indexing that. To achieve,First get the page or post id.If your sure about the post id.Then update the post id of your post in the code below.Example… Read More »

Use Google+1 Button as lock ,unlock Button for WordPress

Use Google+1 Button as content locker for WordPress article You have probably seen many sites running promotions where you can unlock license or download software after liking them on Facebook or Google +1. The +1 button has a convenient JavaScript callback that could be used for all sorts of fun things, Such as hiding content… Read More »

New Domains set to change the face of Internet

If you’ve been thinking that Web 2.0 was all about User-centric Data, Cool Inter-operability and Rich Media Apps, you are about to be damned – Bored of typing the usual Internet addresses? Worry not – Cause here comes the new set of Internet Domains – probably the next generation of web  domains. In a recent… Read More »

Internet Doomsday – Prepare Yourself

Come July 9, millions of Internet users round the globe may lose Internet connection if they don’t act soon to remove a rogue malware present in their computer – the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has revealed a couple of days ago. There you go, another Doomsday to countdown to! The Plan – Hackers will… Read More »

‘Zerg Rush’ – Google’s new Easter Egg Surprise

Guess what Google’s upto this time? It’s the ‘Zerg Rush’ that users are googling frantically to see what gonna happen. This is Google’s brand new surprise for the Internet and this time, it turns out to be a little of a game for us users. ‘Zerg Rush’ trended late yesterday night and right now, it’s… Read More »

Apple co-founder buys Nokia Lumia 900 – Check this out

Nokia is ready to ship its latest smartphone Lumia 900 this month. It seems that Nokia Lumia 900 is the latest sensation that has captured millions of hearts and is ready to go like hot cakes in the market. With a subscription from AT&T and for a cheap price , the smartphone is affordable and… Read More »

Samsung confirms Windows 8 devices from Q3 2012

Samsung has been very keen to have a lead in their smartphone market only with their Android devices. We know very well that their Windows Phone devices did make a good business but here is a good news for all WP lovers.Samsung has confirmed that they will be releasing Windows 8 (Apollo) running devices in… Read More »

AMD EyeFinity Explained!

  The first question would be what EyeFinity would be! Is it a buzz word  OR some marketing term that AMD has brought ito light ?? Well,  AMD Eyefinity Technology from AMD is a multi display technology that supports multiple independent display outputs simultaneously, AMD Eyefinity technology delivers innovative graphics display capabilities enabling massive desktop workspaces… Read More »

Remove the Background of an Image using Office 2010

Most of us use MS word just likes a text editor. But with office 2010 you can do amazing photo editing work .If has an image and want to remove its background we all run to Photoshop or other image editing software’s. The user needs some knowledge to work with this kind of photo editing… Read More »

Not smoked by Windows Phone – Here it is !

Have you tried the “Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge”? Its better to read this before trying the challenge. I have seen all round the social network , many of them tweeting about this challenge and praising the Windows Phone. No offense. Windows Phone looks absolutely cool and works faster than some heavyweight smartphones in the… Read More »

How to Prevent Users from Downloading Files in Internet Explorer

If you want to forbid users from downloading files on Internet Explorer.This will help but at the same time you also will not be able to download files Step 01:Shut down Internet Explorer. Step 02:Now, click Start (the Windows orb). Step 03:Click Run… Step 04:Type regedit and press Start. Step 05:Located the following Windows registry… Read More »