Glary Utilities – Free All-in-One PC Optimizer Software

By | November 5, 2011

 Tired of the paid softwares for system optimization! Well, here is the fully functional free software to optimize and clean your PC. Glary Utilities offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.

User interface:

It is simple. For those, who want to do optimization in just a single click, it offers  1-Click Maintenance. 1-Click Maintenance offers register cleaning, shortcuts fixing, startup optimization, temporary files cleaning, history erasing and spyware removal.

1-Click Maintenance image

User can also use the modules tab to perform a customized and deep optimization.


Optimize and Improve:

  • Startup Manager:

It helps you to speed up the startup process of your computer by disabling and deleting unwanted softwares from startup. If you want a software to run automatically whenever you log into windows, you can add it here. The speed of windows startup can be enhanced by delaying the startup time of few softwares in the startup list.

  • Memory Optimizer:

It cleans up the RAM automatically and it can be done manually too. It can be added to startup list so that it starts automatically during windows startup. It can be used to clear the clipboard data as well.

  • Context Menu Manager:

It helps you to disable or remove the unwanted entries in the right click context menu, “New” and “Send To” submenus in the right click context menu.

  • Registry Defrag:

It helps you to compress and optimize the system registry so that it increases the performance of the computer. When running this program, all other programs should be closed. It requires a system restart to complete the process.

  • Shortcuts Fixer:

Corrects the problems in start menu shortcuts and desktop shortcuts.

  • Uninstall Manager:

It is an improved version of add/remove programs in the control panel allowing you to uninstall softwares from your computer individually and also simultaneously. It helps to search and delete a software and modify the properties of a software.

Privacy & Security:

  • Tracks Eraser:

It helps you to erase the recent documents in windows, temporary files and history in various browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.,

  • File Shredder:

It helps in deleting the files and folders from the hard disk permanently so that even file recovery softwares will not be able to recover them. It also helps to wipe the free space of the hard disk.

  • File Undelete:

It helps you to recover files deleted from the hard disk. It comes in handy when you accidentally delete files in the computer.

  • File Encrypter and Decrypter:

It is useful for creating password to open a file. It prevents unauthorized access to your files.

Files and Folders:

  • Disk Analysis:

It gives you the detailed information about the files stored in your hard disk.

  • Duplicate Files Finder:

It finds the duplicate files in the computer and displays it so that you can remove a copy to regain disk space.

  • Empty Folders Finder:

This is really a very unique tool. It scans for empty folders in the hard disks and removes it.

Empty Folders Finder Image

  • File Splitter and Joiner:

This feature helps you to split large files so that you can copy to a low memory pendrive. The split files can be joined again using this tool.

System Tools:

  • Process Manager:

It is almost similar to Windows Task Manager with a nice user interface and few tweaks like Google it and Safety information.

  • Internet Explorer Assistant:

It helps to manage the add-ons of Internet Explorer and restore the settings to default.

  • System Information:

It displays the detailed information about the operating system and the devices connected to the computer.

  • Windows Standard Tools:

It is merely a list of shortcut to the tools present in the Windows with their description like Check Disk, Disk Defragmenter, System Restore, System File Checker and Backup.

Clean Up & Repair:

  • Disk Cleaner:

Deletes unwanted files from your computer and regains your hard disk free space.

  • Registry Cleaner:

Cleans the system registry by deleting unnecessary keys and improves the system performance.

Registry Cleaner Image

The greatness of Glary Utilities lies in the fact that it offers you all these utilities free for private use.It can be downloaded here.

Compatibility: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Official page for Glary Utilities is

3 thoughts on “Glary Utilities – Free All-in-One PC Optimizer Software

  1. Sethu

    @Karthi Kumar Yeah! In my personal opinion, it cleans up more than the mentioned ones. It doesn’t have any separate registry editing tool. But, you can always use the run command(Win key+R) and type regedit to access the default registry editor.

  2. yagnajee

    Everything is very open and very clear explanation step by step for glary Utilities, thank you for sharing with us, keep moving.


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