Battlefield 3 game launch postponed to Oct 28th in India

By | October 25, 2011

Battlefield 3 , the most anticipated game of the year was released and hit the stores on Oct 25th. But it was planned to be released on Oct 25th in India also. Now it has been postponed to Oct 28th midnight launch in India. The game that is developed by EA and DICE, will be a good competitor to Call of Duty Series. Game4U will be launching the game and will giveaway freebies for the first 100 copies. The reviews and ratings for this Game is very high compared to its previous series

IGN – 9.1/10

Gametrailors – 9.4/10

GameRankings- 9.3/10

MetaScore – 9.3/10

As the game is creating much hype in India , Gamers will be having a treat this season. Battlefield 3 will be available for PC , Xbox , PS3 on Oct 28th. Let us play the game and shoot some bad guys out there.

Battlefield 3 – Didn’t disappoint like its previous release


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