Batman Arkham City (PC) now available in India – Recommend not to buy now

By | November 25, 2011


Batman Arkham City , the most anticipated game of the year is now available for PC  in India. It is priced at Rs.1999 and will be available at all retail outlets in India. Rocksteady delayed the release of the PC version a number of times and it finally stepped into the US stores on Nov 24th . In the beginning , the game went released only for Xbox 360 and PS3 , leaving the PC users in shock.

Now PC users in US have found the game to be rotten with a number of problems . Problems such as lip syncing , low frame rate and DirectX 11 non compatibility has made the PC users a bit annoyed. Rocksteady games have noticed the issues and they quoted that “soon a fix will be made available for the PC version”.

Also a fixed version of the game is planned  to be released next month by Rocksteady Games. So we strongly suggest you not to buy the game now till all the fixes are made and we hope Rocksteady will not make the same mistake in future.

Batman:Arkham City – a long wait has turned out to be a crap…….

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