How To:Activate Timeline in Facebook Simple steps

By | November 18, 2011

Bored of seeing the same looks of your Facebook all the time? Here is a change of style  for your Facebook. “Timeline” is the one that will modify your Facebook interface and functionality.

What is Timeline?  – a new Facebook avatar

Timeline is a new feature of Facebook that allows the users to have an amazing look and feel of their Facebook profile in a simple manner. The Timeline feature is easy to activate and this was first launched in F8 conference , a long time back. Only few Facebook users know about this feature.

I feel that the Timeline will take a some time for the users to catch up with and trust me , this will change the way Facebook looks now.

Follow the steps below  to enable Timeline.

1. Log in to your account and type Developer in search box. Select the Developer(App) .

2. In the  Developer App page , create a “New App” with a required fields and Continue.

3. In the next window , you can change some settings and Click “Save changes”.

4. Now select “Open Graph” in Left pane of your window , fill in the fields and  select “Get Started”

5. You will be taken to “Action type configuration page”.

6. If you want to make some changes , do it and finish all the three page settings.

7. Wait for 2 minutes.

8. Now open your Facebook and you will receive an invite to Get Timeline , accept it.

9. And now its all over. Enjoy the new timeline.


* Timeline will not affect the content of your account.

* Everyone can see your Timeline profile and feel the new look

* Recommended for all average Facebook users and above.

* Timeline that is available now is only a Developer release .Official release will be out soon.


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