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How To: Run Turbo C, C++ in Windows7 x64 x86 Bit FullScreen Mode WITHOUT DosBox?

Migration is essential but the old fragrance sometimes would not be smelt in new arrilvals. In such a way the smell of C,C++ is getting faded day by day since there is no compatible compiler for running C,C++ programs in Windows7. Even though you’re not a geek in compiler design a repeated search in Google… Read More »

Disable Aero snap Function in Windows7

In Microsoft operating system windows 7,you can dock,maximize and minimize windows with a key combination.Unfortunately,the aerosnap function does not save the window size.This is annoying if you trigger a function that you don’t really need. If you perfer to arrange the windows yourselves without the deactivate the function from the control panel.However,the option is not… Read More »

How To Share your desktop using Windows Remote Assistance in Windows 7 ?

Now no more paying to Team Viewer or other third party software for desktop sharing. Microsoft Windows 7 makes this work simpler and with no cost. We can share desktop , chat and even control remote system.  Do we need any plugin or update or patch to download ? To these question answer is simply … Read More »