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How to Get the WordPress Short URL

WordPress lanunched shot Url for WordPress sites with the domain wp.me.This shot url stay on the header of the theme when you observe the source of the page.This function will help you to display it on your theme. In WordPress site source page < link rel=’shortlink’ href='<a href="http://wp.me/p1WvAX-1f0">http://wp.me/p1WvAX-1f0′ /> This is not see to the… Read More »

How To With & Without google

    Sharing URL is common act in Internets but is very important to know how to share them.To avoid your URL marked as span URL or it must not create discomforts to reads so most of the look to shorten there URL’S Gool.gl allow Google and non-Google  users to shorten there long URL’s.   1.To shorten your URL click here  Goo.gl  2. Paste your long URL in the text box then click… Read More »