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How To: Run Turbo C, C++ in Windows7 x64 x86 Bit FullScreen Mode WITHOUT DosBox?

Migration is essential but the old fragrance sometimes would not be smelt in new arrilvals. In such a way the smell of C,C++ is getting faded day by day since there is no compatible compiler for running C,C++ programs in Windows7. Even though you’re not a geek in compiler design a repeated search in Google… Read More »

How To Share your desktop using Windows Remote Assistance in Windows 7 ?

Now no more paying to Team Viewer or other third party software for desktop sharing. Microsoft Windows 7 makes this work simpler and with no cost. We can share desktop , chat and even control remote system.  Do we need any plugin or update or patch to download ? To these question answer is simply … Read More »

How To Check whether someone stolen your content

Internet growth did not only increase access of information but also increased digital theft. When you meandigital theft what do’s it point too .Loss of access, fake website, images, articles even some stealers are ready to take control for your computer usage. A question discussed once? I am a blogger, I do right some nice appealing content. Since internet is… Read More »