Remove the Background of an Image using Office 2010

By | April 3, 2012

Most of us use MS word just likes a text editor. But with office 2010 you can do amazing photo editing work .If has an image and want to remove its background we all run to Photoshop or other image editing software’s. The user needs some knowledge to work with this kind of photo editing software’s.

Now using office2010 even a layman can edit image. In this example, we will show how to edit the image background.

Follow the Steps Below

Step 01: Insert the image into MS Word. Using the insert tab from the ribbon

Step 02: Double click the image, now you can see the new tab Picture Tools, Format
Step 03: Select remove background; this will give an auto selected area

Step04: Use the mark area to keep and remove unwanted area with the help of your mouse.
Step05: when don select the keep changes button

Now you have got an image which is without any background images color. If you want any color can be applied.

Please see the following screencast for details:

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