Not smoked by Windows Phone – Here it is !

By | March 26, 2012

Have you tried the “Smoked by Windows Phone Challenge”? Its better to read this before trying the challenge.

I have seen all round the social network , many of them tweeting about this challenge and praising the Windows Phone. No offense. Windows Phone looks absolutely cool and works faster than some heavyweight smartphones in the market. That sounds pretty good.

Now coming back to the challenge, we came to know about an incident that happened recently in a Microsoft Store. The well known tech site gsmarena  blogged this incident today .The “Smoked by Windows Phone”challenge  is as simple as taking a picture and uploading it to Facebook or getting directions to a place in your maps.

windows phone smokeThe tech site quotes that ,

“The challenge is not as fair as Microsoft makes it out to be, as Sahas Katta of Skatter Tech found out the hard way.

Katta was in a Microsoft store where he wanted to take part in the competition. He was armed with his new Galaxy Nexus. The challenge given to him was to bring up the weather of two different cities as quickly as possible.

That’s basically what happened when the competition started, with Katta managing to finish before his opponent, who also happened to have the weather for two cities on the homescreen (more on this later). But as it turns out, the winner was actually declared to be the Windows Phone? Why?”

Later, the persons from the Microsoft Store apologized for their mistake and they called for a re-match. Why not give the prize to Katta and declare him as a winner ?

We all know the tactics of “Microsoft” to bring their products to the market and the above incident clearly shows it.  So guys , try this challenge and make sure you are not fooled once again.

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