Windows Phone Tango is WP Refresh (Official name revealed)

By | March 15, 2012

Here’s what we got a new name for the WP Tango, ” Windows Phone Refresh”. Stefania Duico ,head of Windows Phone Italy division mentioned the original name to a magazine recently.  The name looks cool but what does the word Refresh actually sound ?

Windows Phone Refresh (WP Tango) is aimed for low end specifications (such as 256 MB RAM)  and will boost the performance , multi-tasking and live tiles.
windows phone refreshThe update will start rolling out to all Windows Phones in Q3 this year. Also check out the Lumia 610 that was released recently at MWC 2012. Lumia 610 will be the first Windows Phone to be rolled out with Windows Phone Tango (or Refresh).


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