RIM says “BlackBerry will never die”

By | February 8, 2012

RIM (Research In Motion) ,the makers of BlackBerry smartphones are hoping that this year will mark a great a comeback for their company. The Canadian Mobile giant lost its market share because of  heavy competition with Tech giants such as Apple , Samsung and Google. But the good news is that RIM is planning a better OS and mobile technology in coming years.

Thorsten Heins ,Research In Motion’s new CEO  mentioned this to more than 2,000 technical developers on Tuesday, expressing confidence in RIM’s long-term future. He added that,

“The smartphone market is still young, and there are huge opportunities for us, both with consumers and business”

Heins also quoted that BlackBerry smartphones are No.1 in major countries such as Britain, Spain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and the Netherlands. More than 2 Billion apps have been downloaded till date and RIM  believes that Blackberry 10 OS will bring huge credits in future.

<<<<<We will never die>>>>

blackberry playbook
BlackBerry is in transition  at present  to the new QNX-based operating system and it will put forth the mark of a new mobile platform. Mid 2011 was a bad time for RIM as many Blackberry users started ditching the smartphone due to lack of support and service.

With the new Blackberry 10 and Playbook 2.0 already on its way to the market , RIM still has a chance to get back into the race.

RIM – We will never let Blackberry die…..

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