Windows Phone gets “Ask Ziggy” – a competitor to Siri

By | January 3, 2012

ask ziggy

Personal Voice Assistant  is gaining popularity nowadays and the recent development has made the buyers like it more than before. Apple’s new trademark “Siri” is already popular among the masses. Meanwhile , Android users got a similar app “Iris” that works just as Siri. And now we have another competitor to Siri once again.

It’s the new app “Ask Ziggy”.

“Ask Ziggy”, an application that works way beyond Siri  is available to all Windows Phone (WP7 OS). The app can perform tasks that will make you wonder what this is all about. It is available in the Marketplace and the app description says that,

Ask Ziggy is your Personal Assistant that goes beyond Siri functionality. You can Call, Text, Email your contacts, Update Windows Live, Facebook, and Twitter, Get Weather, Stock Values, Flight Statuses, Get Ziggy to do Math, or ask any question you want (i.e. Who is the tallest person?) all by speaking to your phone

Who knows? It can surpass the popularity of Siri in coming days. Take a look at the video below for detailed analysis.
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With Google already working on their Voice Assistant project named “Majel” , it is clear that all these big companies are looking for a major breakthrough.  Still “Siri” is the queen and what we feel is, it is really hard to defeat her right now.

Ask Ziggy – Windows Phone answer to Siri..

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