Web Browser Wars : IE 10 vs Chrome 15 vs Firefox 6.0

By | September 25, 2011

Nowadays nothing is possible without  internet as it is like ” Nothing is possible without a computer ” .  The count of those using internet  is rapidly increasing and security over the internet is a serious concern to everyone. The top Web browsers so far have made their level best in giving the best security and support.

Internet Explorer and Firefox became the most widely used browsers all time , as Chrome which was a huge hit in the beginning was not liked by many users as it had less add-on features and more  security issues. IE 9 brought web to a new look and it was a  big surprise to everyone . Microsoft learnt from the mistakes that was made in IE 8  and kick started this new version .

Google has now bounced back and released a  new version of Web browser  Chrome 15 (beta) . It is available for download and it has more features than its predecessor. Chrome  which was liked by everyone ( a long time back ) is  now trying to regain its position and what we feel is that this new version will surely bring changes in the fast developing Web. Some added features are ” a good looking New Tab ” and support for add-ons. Microsoft recently released its Windows 8 Developer Preview . This new OS has Internet Explorer 10 as its default browser. IE 10 looks beautiful and webpages load quickly .

Mozilla Firefox 6.0 is a new update of Firefox and it has the same features that its previous update had. Users can chose any of these browsers by looking into their pros and cons. Firefox is an open source software and can be used by developers . Chrome on the other side has clean looks , super fast browsing but lacks in graphical support ( more graphical webpages take time to load). But we recommend Internet Explorer 9 / 10 compared to other browsers.

IE looks clean , surfing is fast , more added  security features and it has Direct X compatibility . What more does a browser need????? It is really good to see such competitions in the browsing arena and who are benefited ??? Ultimately the users …

So fellas out there , choose your correct browser and start surfing the net …..



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