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Microsoft looks Happy without Yahoo

Microsoft is very glad not to own “Yahoo”.  These were the lines said by Steve Ballmer , Microsoft’s CEO  during the closing event of the second day of the Web 2.0 Summit. He also mentioned that ” Sometimes,  you will be lucky “. Microsoft offered a deal of  $44 billion to Yahoo but Yahoo’s Jerry Yang… Read More »

How To: Run Turbo C, C++ in Windows7 x64 x86 Bit FullScreen Mode WITHOUT DosBox?

Migration is essential but the old fragrance sometimes would not be smelt in new arrilvals. In such a way the smell of C,C++ is getting faded day by day since there is no compatible compiler for running C,C++ programs in Windows7. Even though you’re not a geek in compiler design a repeated search in Google… Read More »

Microsoft reports Google Chrome as Malware

Google  released a new version of Chrome last month (Chrome 12.0). Microsoft Security Essentials reported the Chrome browser as malware and deleted it from  3,000 computers on Friday. Microsoft apologized for the problem and updated its virus definition file to correct the false-positive problem, according to a post from Ryan Naraine at ZDNet. Google was… Read More »

ASP.NET MVC (Models, Views and Controllers)

ASP.NET is helps developers create dynamic web pages and powerful web applications.ASP.NET MVC(Models, Views and Controllers) is the same except that we get some additional featuers for reflecting data from a table easily and enable the client to add/edit/delete content in a database easily. Instance : http://example .com is the target client website. We can… Read More »

Disable Aero snap Function in Windows7

In Microsoft operating system windows 7,you can dock,maximize and minimize windows with a key combination.Unfortunately,the aerosnap function does not save the window size.This is annoying if you trigger a function that you don’t really need. If you perfer to arrange the windows yourselves without the deactivate the function from the control panel.However,the option is not… Read More »

Create Facebook Like on a Webpage using Webmatrix

Prerequisites: Microsoft WebMatrix WebMatrix is a free web-dev tool from microsoft which supports not just, but even php.The speciality of webmatrix is that it’s light weight and if you are looking to create more powerful web application, then you can instantly do that with visual studio. The biggbest plus point that webmatrix has is the support for… Read More »