Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update goes live from Today

By | September 28, 2011

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The much anticipated update of Windows Phone 7.5 starts from today. The Mango update gives the users the best experience of Windows in mobile. This update will be a good competitor  and it is a  powerful OS compared to Android and iOS but one cannot say that it will surpass them ( may be after some years ). The update features a new Windows Marketplace that is similar to Android marketplace  , Mango users will enjoy more than others in this aspect .

Metro Style Home Screen , Fast Browsing with IE , Social networking support  are  some of the best features of Windows Phone Mango. It is said that about 500 changes have been made from previous OS.

With  the new iPhone 5 coming soon and Android already making good business  in the market , Microsoft have to think more after this update. Nokia which has already made a good deal with Microsoft , will be looking for a good news after this update gets a huge hit among the users.

Let us see how this update looks and whatever it may be , the most crucial will be the next step taken by Microsoft after this update.

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