Will Microsoft buy Nokia ?

By | October 16, 2011

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Microsoft has learnt a lot of  new things for the past few years with the flop of Windows Vista and Windows Mobile 6.0 . Major failures and some huge hits were given by Microsoft and they are trying to catch up with competitors in their most attempted criteria – “MOBILE”.

Android which is used by majority of mobile users all over the world is now losing the way it was meant to be. Sources say that  Android users are now shifting to the new iPhone and possibly  iOS will be equal to Android in terms of number of users. Microsoft’s most successfully launched Windows Mobile 6.0 was a big failure and they had no time to think of a new version as Vista was cracking down at that time.

When things were settled as Windows 7 came , Microsoft jumped back once again to their mobile OS in view of competing with Google. They released their new version of Mobile OS ” Windows Phone 7″. The OS had a few bugs and it could not dominate either Android or Apple. Later Google bought Motorola for a whooping sum so that hardware can be made easy for their Android.


There were huge speculations that Microsoft will be buying either HTC or Nokia. HTC is a good partner of Microsoft as Windows 6.0 was used by HTC in the beginning . Also Nokia has made a successful deal with Microsoft by using Windows Phone 7 as the OS for their handsets. Only if Microsoft continues this deal with Nokia or HTC,  they can be a huge competitor for Android. Microsoft has now released an update for its mobile OS    ” Windows Phone 7.5″ (or Mango as it is called by Microsoft itself) . The update was a surprise to everyone as Microsoft fixed all the bugs from it’s previous version. The new Windows Phone 7.5 looks cool and it will really be a tough competitor to Android and Apple in upcoming years.

Nokia is planning to end Symbian as they are very interested towards Windows Phone 7 .  N9 will be also be the last shipped Meego based device from Nokia. Microsoft is now relieved with the way Windows Phone 7.5 is receiving responses all over the world.

Will Nokia rely on Microsoft in the future ???  Yes ,it has to be.

The prime reason for Google acquiring Motorola was the Nokia-Microsoft deal and Nokia cannot go else where without Microsoft for the next few years. Microsoft’s way of bringing success to their products will always be different from it’s competitors.

A few months back Nokia revealed their newly designed Windows Mobile named Sea Ray ( mobile name subjected to change). However Nokia did not disclose any  details of the product’s launch or the specifications. The mobile is said to have a 1.2 Ghz dual core processor with multi touch facility . Nokia is also affected by Android as Samsung is making good profits with Google’s mobile OS  and the deal with Microsoft is the only way for Nokia to curb this . If Microsoft buys Nokia for a huge amount then it will be the end of Android’s reign . 

Nokia will be launching  a worldwide event  soon when their Windows Phone gets released. Lets wait and watch if Nokia tries anything different with Microsoft .

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