What went wrong for Nokia on Smartphones?

By | September 11, 2011

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Nokia , for the past two years had a very bad time in Smartphone sector. Devices such as Nokia C6-01 , C7 and N8 did a great business but they were not able to compete with Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhones. Then Nokia (realising their mistakes as we thought) introduced Nokia X7 – a multimedia smartphone .

What went wrong in all these smartphones ??

Look at Nokia C6-01 , it is a cute classy smartphone and comes with Symbian S^3 OS( update to Symbian Anna available now ) . The Smartphone does a great job in multi-tasking and the camera is quite good. Nokia C7 has the same features with exception in its size – quite a large  3.5″ display. Nothing much to talk about this smartphone as it looks like a modified C6-01.

Nokia N8 came with a bang with cool features say 12 MP camera , 4 inch display and much more. We call this as a smartphone too (for god’s sake ) .  N8 sales were good enough for Nokia to feel relieved . Samsung Galaxy SII was a good competitor for this mobile and it geared past N8 . Thinking of one more idea to reach their place in Smartphone market , Nokia announced X7 . X7 is a gaming smartphone and what matters , we call it a smartphone too .

Now. Look at these Smartphones . All these devices feature 680 Mhz processor and 256 MB RAM . Is this what a Smartphone needs ??? Nokia X7 priced at more than 20K lags in multi tasking . The same featured C6-01 is priced at 14K.  The difference between these two devices is only the screen size and may be the camera too. Nokia lags basically in this segment (speed and usage) and also in Symbian . Symbian Anna looks and  feels good but it cannot compete with Android or iOS. After all these struggles Nokia has now announced  N9 -looks like  a must have smartphone . This smartphone has the first of its kind 1Ghz processor powered by MeeGo OS. We do not know why Nokia is not leaving MeeGo till date???

Everything looks good for Nokia now with N9 and Windows Phone deal. Nokia Windows Phone deal sounds like a good agreement for both the companies with Microsoft trying to catch up with Android and iOS.

If these things work fine , then Nokia will become a major competitor to Android and may be for the Apples too. Let us wait and watch.


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